Travel and Accommodation


Registration fees doesn't cover accommodation. However we can help with accommodation if required by the participants. We will try to accommodate a few inside campus. There are a few hotels very close to IISc campus which will give preferential rates for participants of summer-school. A detailed list of nearby hotels/PGs will be communicated to the participants.

 Place of Accommodation                     
Room Category 

Charges** (per day per room approx.)

    Contact Numbers     Directions
 Single Double
 IISc Guest House (Hoysala)*                   Non A/C Rs.1000 --- --- +91-80-22932535 Inside IISc Campus: Map
 M. S. Square Ladies Hostel                   Non A/C, 3-sharing --- Rs.350 Rs.300 (Three Sharing) +91-9900869332 150m from NIAS Gate: Map
 Royal View Lodge & PG (For Men)                   Non A/C, 3-sharing --- --- Rs.300 (Three Sharing) +91-8072630316 150m from NIAS Gate: Map
 Balu Regency Men's Hostel                   Non A/C, 3-sharing --- Rs.300 Rs.250 (Three Sharing) +91-9480171894 100m from NIAS Gate: Map

*Rooms in IISc Hoysala guest house are limited. Only single bedrooms are available and these will be alotted in first come first served basis with priority to female participants.

**The rates are preferential to SOAP IISc participants and may vary subject to availability.

From Airport:

Ask a taxi to take you to the Tata Institute (which is what IISc is locally known as). This should suffice in most cases. If you're unlucky and the taxi driver does not know where the Tata Institute is, then give him the following directions: from Mekhri Circle, take the road (called CV Raman Road) towards Yeshwanthpur. Keep straight at the first traffic signal (at Sadashiva Nagar Traffic Police Station). About 500m beyond this signal, you'll see the gates of IISc on the right-hand side.

There are public buses plying between the airport and Bangalore city. You can take bus # KIA-10 from the airport bus stand (to your right as you exit the airport terminal), get down at Mekhri circle, and then catch an auto from there. The institute gate will be about 2 km from Mekhri circle.

From Railway Stations/ Bus Terminals:

The city railway station is about 7 kms from the IISc campus. One will have to leave the station from platform number ONE and reach the prepaid taxi stand and hire a city taxi (costs about Rs 150). Majestic (7kms from IISc) is the central Bus stand in Bengaluru and is just opposite the City Railway station. If one happens to reach Majestic, Bengaluru by bus, go to city bus platform number 22 from where almost all city buses come to the Institute.

The Yeshwantpura railway station is located less than 2 km from the institute campus. One can take a ‘pre-paid’ auto from the counter located outside the exit gate of platform number 6. The prepaid autos shouldn’t charge more than Rs. 80, and is the best deal given the options available. The landmark is CNR Rao Circle from where one would take the entry to IISc. Though the prepaid contract says IISc (Tata Institute as more popularly known) gate as the destination, the hostels and most of the academic departments are within 500 mts from the gate, and hence the auto can be requested to drop at your destination.

If one plans to take a bus into town, one will have to move past Malleswaram 18th cross bus stand towards Yeshwantpura in order to reach IISc (also popularly called Tata Institute). There is also a bus stop on the highway between the yellow over bridge and Prof. CNR Rao circle, and another one at Prof. CNR Rao circle (on Sir CV Raman Road ). Finally there is a bus stop at Yeshwantpura tollgate, just off campus near R block. Most buses go to one of these places.

IISc is quite near to Yeswanthpura Railway Station and asking any taxi/auto driver to take you to Tata Institute should suffice. Try to take pre-paid taxis/ autos.

You can arrange taxis from IISc campus by contacting one of the following call taxi agencies.

Aishwarya Travels - +91-80-23374826 / +91-80-23647403 / +91-9341218070

Aum Travels - +91-80-41490452 / +91-9845402784

Varsha Tours and Travels - +91-80-23570029 / +91-9980873172

Malleswaram 18th cross and Yeshwantpur circle are the best places to catch an auto rickshaw. But if you're lucky, you'll find an auto at Prof. CNR Rao circle or at Circle Maramma temple. Remember that autos cost 50% more early mornings (before 6am) and at night (after 10pm).

For more information visit: How to reach IISc

Cycling inside Campus

Over 100 shiny green cycles around campus are part of a smart cycle-sharing initiative called PEDL – a renewed effort to make getting around campus easy without motorised vehicles. PEDL cycles are conveniently located across neighbourhoods in various locations.All cycles are GPS enabled which helps you locate one at a close by PEDL station on the web app. You can take a PEDL trip at Rs.1 per 30 minutes.

Visit: PEDL

Exit/Entry Gates from ECE (Venue)
D Gate (Nearest, 5 min walk) : Leads to MS Ramaiah Road (Bus stop, Buses to Central Railway/Bus station.

NIAS Gate (15 Min walk): Leads to MS Ramaiah College Road, Hotels/ PG/ Restaurant hub.

CVH Gate (10 min walk): Adjacent to Centenary Visitors House (CVH). Leads to New BEL Road, Restaurant/PG/Shopping hub.

Main Gate (10 min walk) : Leads to CNR Rao circle CV Raman Road, Malleswaram.

Prakruthi/ATM Gate (15 min walk) : Leads to CV Raman road, Buses to Mekhri Circle and airport.

KV Gate (15 min walk) : Leads to Yeswanthpur (Nearest Railway/Bus station).

General Information
Phone numbers:
Security  : +91-80-22932400 / 2225
IISc Health Centre  : +91-80-22932227 / 34
Sadashivanagar Police Station  : +91-80-23600358 / 22942589
Yeshwanthpur Police Station  : +91-80-22942526
Malleshwaram Police Station  : +91-80-22942519
MS Ramaiah Hospital  : +91-80-23608888
Columbia Asia Hospital  : +91-80-39898969

Medical Emergency:

The campus Health Centre can be used in case of medical requirements. Health centre is located closer to the Nesara Hotel (about 50-100 m) from Nesara restaurant indicated in the map. The nearest hospital outside IISc is the MS Ramaiah Hospital, located in New BEL Road.

Bank services/ATMs:

There are branches of State Bank of India and Canara Bank inside the institute campus. Four ATMs (two each of above banks) are located inside the campus. Two ATMs are located near Prakruthi Canteen, while two other ATMs are located near the Hoysala Guest House.

Food joints on campus:
Tattwa: Veg & Non Veg. Open from 8:00 am - 10 pm.

Nesara:Veg & Non Veg. Open from 9:00 am - 10 pm.

Prakruthi: Veg. only. Open from 7:30 am - 1:00 am.

Nisarga: Veg. only. Open from 8:00 am - 10 pm.